Luxury Garage Sale (LGS)

I had the opportunity to go to the opening event at the luxury garage sale pop up in Birmingham, MI last month. It was such a great experience! I have never bought any second hand luxury items in the past, but the quality and price of these products were so great! Honestly, it was a lot better than I expected, and now I’m wondering if I can ever buy a full priced designer item again.


At first I was obsessing over this amazing D&G bag. I actually can’t stop thinking about it still! LGS was selling this great purse for about 75% off original retail.


I decided to look around a little more and ultimately went with something that had a little less of a bold pattern. I ended up purchasing this amazing gold Stella McCartney bag, and I absolutely love it.


Unfortunately, Jennifer wasn’t able to make the event, but I brought home this great silver Stella purse for her. How cute and gorgeous is this?


So many of the clothing items were stunning also. I tried some things on, but I decided to behave myself and stick with the purses only. The LGS pop up has moved on to another location, but they have some amazing online items, and they are always getting new apparel in. Click this link to connect to their site.

Happy luxury shopping everyone!



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