If you’re anything like us, we struggle to find Christmas gifts for our kids that are unique and somewhat educational. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been looking online for some great items that will hopefully entertain the kids for at least a couple months. I’ve read a bunch of reviews on the following gifts and compared prices. These are my favorite finds below. Most items are appropriate for kids ages 2-10.

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For the kid who loves science/space/and natural wonders of the world:

My 5 year old has really loved reading about space, tornadoes, and science recently.  Some of the gifts listed below would even be great for my 2 year old twins.  Check out these amazing finds.

For the kid who loves arts and crafts:

Our kids have really been entertained with art sets recently.  Check out these cute, crafty gift ideas below.

For the kid who loves music and lights:

My kids love to turn out the lights, turn on some music, and dance with their glow sticks! I’m ordering them all these items below.

We hope you and all your loved ones have a great holiday season.  Happy shopping everyone!


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