Fresh Fall Look


We hope you all had a great weekend! The weather in Michigan has been unusually warm the last couple weeks, and it’s been so nice to wear some lightweight fall clothing. Us Michiganders know it will be freezing in a matter of a couple weeks! Jennifer and I are absolutely loving the colors in these outfits. We’ve never felt like we looked the best in a “traditional yellow,” but this “marigold” tone is so flattering. Pair either outfit with a great fall hat to complete the look.


Christina’s dress is by VICI and is linked here. It’s definitely a babydoll style, so it will be best for those of you that are lucky to enjoy warm fall weather.

Jennifer’s outfit is linked below along with some great, very affordable fall hats.

I was lucky enough to get a picture with our adorable 3 year old photographer-my son Noah! 💜💜💜09736390-7BD7-46DF-B1B9-9D3E058628DB

We hope you guys all have a great week. Thanks for following. We appreciate you all.
💜 Christina

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