Sun, Sand, and Cute Mom Suits

Jennifer and I just got back from a great Caribbean Disney cruise. It’s always nice to have a warm getaway in the middle of the winter- especially if you’re from Michigan! Both of us were in need of a new bathing suit before our trip. I’m not sure about you ladies, but we always feel like it’s so hard to find a cute, functional suit that you can wear while taking care of your kids that doesn’t look super frumpy and “mom-ish”. I’m always a fan of a cute one piece that can hide the muffin top. I think with these, the cut and material is key. My exact bathing suit and cover-up are linked below. Jennifer’s suit in the two piece version along with her cover up and matching dress to this print are linked below also.

Here’s some more details about my bathing suit. I was looking for something that I could be comfortable in while maintaining some style at the same time. I love the deep V look. I tried on a TON of suits in this cut, and I realized that so many of them really made you look flat and saggy chested-the padding just was not in the right place-well, at least not for a mom who is pushing 40 who has had 3 kids and no plastic surgery 😂. Then I tried this suit by Bleu Rod Beattie. The cut and padding were really perfect. I would recommend sizing down. I usually wear an 8 in bathing suits, and I ended up with a 6 in this one. This general cut comes in SO MANY different versions. I’m actually thinking of getting another one of these for the summer. Look below to see so many other cute versions of this bathing suit. And how cute is the fringe cover-up?!


Jennifer’s bathing suit is so adorable also. It’s by Vix. I’ve owned a couple bathing suits by this brand over the years. I absolutely love how cute and fashionable they are. Here are some other great options by this same brand below.

Another brand I would highly recommend is the miracle suit. Both Jennifer and I have a couple suits by this brand, and by far, it’s the most supportive in the belly area. Here are some great options below.

Of course you can never forget a cute, functional cover up. I think a classic sarong is really great-especially when wearing a 1 piece. How great are these options below? My sun hat is so amazing to travel with too. You can smush it in your suit case, and it pops back in to shape so quickly. Even better it’s $20!


We hope you guys all had a great weekend. Cheers to thoughts of sun, sand, and warm weather! Happy shopping everyone!

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